Emergency Operators Reveal The Dumbest Calls They’ve Ever Recieved


Emergency operators are there to be contacted in, unsurprisingly, an emergency. But it seems some people’s definition of the word differs from the standard public understanding.

By definition, an emergency is ‘a serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action’ – like a robbery, murder, or serious injury.

So one would expect that a squirrel atop of a telephone poll, a deer swimming in a river and questions about how long you should smoke a brisket for are not (by definition, anyway) emergencies.


But apparently some people think they are. And luckily, emergency operators have come together on Reddit to tell us about them.

Under the question ‘911 operators, what’s the dumbest call you’ve ever received,’ here are some of the worst:

And then there are the actual emergencies that are hard to believe:

It’s easy to assume that most of these calls come from people currently tripping balls:

While some of these calls are hilarious, it’s probably best to keep non-emergencies strictly to non-emergency numbers.

I think we can all agree wondering how long you smoke a brisket for is probably not an emergency.