Emilia Clarke And Kit Harington Admit That Sex Scene Was ‘Weird’


WARNING: If You Don’t Like Incest Or Spoilers Look Away Now


So Jon and Dany finally did the dastardly deed all you incest fans were waiting for, and we’re all left feeling dirty and rotten to the core.

Although the viewing public was collectively kind of okay with The Wolf and The Dragon having sex – albeit it awkward sex that would’ve looked more at home in an episode of The Inbetweeners – it turns out the actors involved were less forgiving.

After the episode aired, Kit Harrington and Emilia Clarke admitted the scene was ‘weird’ to film knowing the relation between Dany and Jon, in a HBO Behind The Scenes special.


Emilia Clarke has explained how the ‘weird’ scene, which she filmed with co-star Kit Harrington, made her gag.

The scene made her feel sick and Emilia explained:

The reality of what they are to each other, I don’t know how that’s going to… I think [gagging] might be the reaction.

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Meanwhile Kit dubbed the relationship a ‘runaway train’:

I think they both know it’s wrong. I think they both know it’s going to cause problems, but it’s that thing, when you suddenly feel that deeply about someone and you go through these events together, it’s like a runaway train.

I think it’s an inevitability from about halfway through the season that Jon and Daenerys will fall into bed together – you can’t stop it from happening, we were both kind of freaking out.

Usually you start working on a movie and meet [a co-star] for the first time and you develop chemistry on screen over time. Here, you know somebody for seven years and you’ve watched their character on screen all that time, so it’s a unique experience as an actor to come together and know the world is watching.

Watch the cast offer commentary on A Union Of Fire and Ice, not too dissimilar to Dany and Jon’s below:

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Now all that remains to be seen is how the characters – and their rather wooden real life actor alter egos – will cope when Dany and Jon realise they are related by blood.

However, reports suggest the eighth and final season of GoT won’t air until 2019, so you’ll have to wait until then.

In the meantime, HBO have thrown all the addicts a lifeboat, with this new mini-series.