Emilia Clarke’s New Role In Horror Movie Is Absolutely Terrifying


Emilia Clarke has swapped the world of Essos and Westeros for the eerie hills of Tuscany, Italy for upcoming horror film Voice From The Stone.

Set in the 1950’s, ‘The Mother of Dragons’ and ‘The Breaker of Chains’ will take on the role of Verna, a nurse who looks after a mute boy struggling to deal with the recent death of his mother.

Let’s be honest, we all know that when there’s a child involved in a horror film about 90 per cent of the time they’re the evil one. But I guess hindsight doesn’t exist in the horror movie world.

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That’s too bad as throughout the trailer Verna is constantly tormented by paranormal events stemming from her young charge. The film is directed by Eric D. Howell and is based on the novel – with the same title – by Silvio Raffo. Additionally the music is scored by Amy Lee, who was the lead singer of goth-rock band Evanescence.

By the looks of the trailer it looks like a scary-ass-psychological-mind-fuck, but as well as being a chilling horror film at it’s core there’s a heartfelt message about dealing with the loss of a parent.

Voice From The Stone will be out in cinemas on April 28.

Check out the trailer for Voice From The Stone below