Eminem Surprises Students At Graduation With Special Gift


Graduation is a pretty special moment for all teens. Between the sense of achievement and Hogwarts-style robes, it’s a joyous occasion.

But Eminem just made this rite of passage that little bit sweeter for a group of Flint inner-city high school students, after the rapper delivered a surprise to their Graduation ceremony.

You can watch Marshal Mathers’ generosity unfold in the clip below:

An ethereal Eminem appeared on the big screen at Flint Community School Dort Event Center, on June 6, looking every bit the urban angel.

Speaking over the tannoy in a pre-recorded message The Real Slim Shady said to the kids:

What up Class of 2017. This is Eminem. I just want to say congratulations to the graduating seniors of Flint Northwestern, Flint Southwestern and Flint Accelerated Learning Academy. Congrats to all your guys’ hard work, man. You earned this moment.

Mathers then gifted every single graduating student with Beats By Dre headphones, to mark their achievements in education.


According to M Live, Eminem has approached the schools board through his Mashal Mathers Foundation, and conceived of the idea to give back to disadvantaged schoolkids himself.

Flint schools Superintendent Bilal Tawwab praised the spirit of the Flint students during the ceremony, saying: 

I would rather bet on a Flint graduate, someone who has been tested by adversity, who has transcended all the obstacles put in their way, than someone who has coasted through life with every advantage.

You can do anything you want and for the first time in your lives you have the full power to set your own course. From this point on the decisions are yours.

Eminem has made notable philanthropic contributions this year, after donating an undisclosed sum to the JustGiving appeal for the victims of the Manchester terror attack on Monday 22 May, and encouraging his followers to do the same.

Well done, Slim.