Emma Watson Exposes The Sexism That The Fashion Industry Hides



In one area where you might not expect sexism to be such a problem – as the market is predominantly female – it turns out it is.

Apparently, behind the scenes, the fashion industry suffers from the same problems of gender inequality rife in so many other industries.

Emma Watson exposes the issue in a video she made with British Vogue as part of her HeForShe campaign – ‘A Solidarity Movement for Gender Equality’. It features fashion designers, alongside designers themselves, discussing sexism in the industry.

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As Watson explains in the video:

I want to get this conversation, this dialogue, happening specifically within the fashion industry, to ask the leading voices about gender equality.

Men still dominate the industry, even among designers of women’s fashion. And when you look at the CEO level the numbers are surprising for an industry you’d think would be more gender balanced – women only hold 1.7 per cent of CEO positions at retail companies.

You can watch the video below:

The sexism debate should be more prominent in fashion, as it is an industry that dictates people’s perception of female beauty, and should therefore be used to promote a more inclusive, natural body image.