Emotional Ronda Rousey Vows To Make Bethe Correia Suffer For Mocking Her Father’s Suicide


UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey says she plans on making challenger Bethe Correia suffer in their fight tonight, after distasteful comments made by the Brazilian in reference to Rousey’s father’s suicide.

Earlier this year, while promoting the bout, Correia said:

I want to knock her out, show to everyone that she is a lie. She wants to stand up with me, let’s see. I want to humiliate her and show the world she has no MMA. She is focused on movies, books…

Under pressure, she is proving weak. When her mom put pressure on her, she ran away from home. When she lost, it was because of drugs. That’s not a superhero. She is not mentally healthy; she needs to take care of herself. She is winning, so everybody is around her cheering her up, but when she realizes she is not everything that she believes she is, I don’t know what might happen. I hope she does not kill herself later on (laughs).

Rousey (understandably) felt that Correia was referencing the suicide of her father, and she immediately took to Twitter to make her feelings known.

Afterwards, Correia apologised for the remark and pleaded ignorance. However, Rousey didn’t buy it and she’s been very vocal in interviews this week about wanting to make the challenger for her title sincerely regret those comments.

Rousey said:

It was an insult to my intelligence. She was citing all these other obscure events that happened in my life that are not well known and then claiming ignorance on the most formative event in my entire life. I’m not sure if I’m more offended by what she said or her phony apology to save face.

I have to make such a blatant example of this chick who was trying to get a fast track to a title shot that she decides that the way she went about it wasn’t worth it.

And, given the murderous staredown Rousey gave Correia at yesterday’s weigh-ins, you have to believe she means every word.

Rousey vs Correia goes down tonight at UFC 190 in Brazil and we reckon it’s going to be violent!