Emotional Social Expermient Tests Whether People Would Help A Child Being Bullied


This emotional anti-bullying advert tests whether strangers would intervene when they saw a young girl being bullied.

The social experiment features a girl at a bus stop who starts to get bullied by two older girls. The teenagers tease her about various things, and it gets pretty harsh.

Fortunately, members of the public react how you hope they would, and stick up for the girl, with one person telling the bullies to, “Quit messing with her.”

Another woman asks the older girls:

How would you like it if somebody who was a little bit older than you came and told you that you weren’t any good? You don’t hurt someone’s feelings and intentionally do it.


According to the video one in three kids are the victim of bullying. That’s an awful statistic, but at least this ad restores faith in humanity.