Engineering Student Wakes Up To Discover He Designed Entire Plane While Drunk


We’ve done some pretty crazy things while under the influence but one student in the U.S. has taken drunken shenanigans to a whole new level.

Mark, a mechanical engineering student from Michigan Tech University, reportedly managed to design an entire aircraft while smashed.

He has no recollection of the incident but, luckily for us, his roommate and fellow student, Keith Fraley was there to witness the whole incredible episode.

On Sunday, he tweeted a picture of Mark’s designs, with the caption, “So my roommate came back last night and doesn’t remember designing an entire f*cking airplane”.

The tweet has since gone viral, but Mark has chosen to keep his identity a secret so as not to jeopardise his future career prospects.


Keith, however, opened up about the bizarre evening in an interview with the Guardian, explaining how Mark returned home “in a drunken sway” at around 11.30pm after necking “a ton of rum and vodka-mixed drinks”.

Apparently he made a beeline for his textbooks and, a couple of hours later, he re-emerged to tell Keith all about his designed ekranoplan craft (“a high speed aircraft that floats above the water”) and the calculations behind it, sounding a bit like “a slurred robot”.


Keith added:

He fell asleep in his chair and woke up about an hour later basically questioning his sanity because of the immense amount of work that was in front of him, with no memory of his motivation to do it.

Oh, and even though he doesn’t have any recollection of coming up with the idea, after reading over his designs in a sober state, Mark confirmed that it looks as though his invention would work, so he’s now going to try and put it into practice!

This puts us all to shame. When we come home drunk, we just eat fast food and watch Family Guy. At this rate, this lad will down some whisky and figure out the cure for cancer!