England’s Motorways Were Completely Empty During Sweden Game

Highways England

We’re in the semi-final. Of a World Cup. Seriously.

Gareth Southgate and the boys’ 2018 campaign in Russia is looking like it’s going to be full of ‘where were you when?’ moments. And hopefully you were in a beer garden, soaked through with Carling, singing Three Lions with all of your nearest and dearest.

Fortunately it looks like nobody was caught in traffic. Because, well, England’s motorways were mostly completely empty.

Take a look for yourself:

Oh and in case you missed it.

England have gone one step closer to achieving the ultimate dream of lifting the coveted World Cup trophy today after beating Sweden 2-0 to reach the semi-finals.

This will be the first time England has reached a semi-final in a World Cup tournament since Italia 90.

The three Lion’s secured their victory via a Harry Maguire and Dele Alli goal in both halves.

It’s coming home.