Epic Footage Shows Pensioner Take Out Whole Gang Of Muggers


Back in the seventies a story emerged that a 70 something year old Jack Dempsey, the former heavyweight champion of the world and one of the toughest guys in history, was taking a stroll through Central Park NYC.

Two thugs seen him and presumed he was a helpless old man and an easy target so they jumped him and tried to rob him.

The thieves pounced onto Dempsey but in seconds they were both out cold.

Moral of the story is don’t fuck with anybody – and this video is merely further modern-day proof.


According to The Sun, this clip shows a Russian knife gang in a subway station as they ambush a lone man, throwing numerous punches and pushing him to the ground. Once the lone man is on the ground, the ringleader of the knife gang gets him in a choke hold as the rest of group surround him.

But then out of nowhere a grey haired man, thought to be pensioner, enters the scene and sorts the men from the boys.


Once the old guy comes into view he throws a series of big punches and the younger gang cower away from him, seemingly terrified.

Eventually the victim stands up but stupidly one of the gang members runs over and hits him in the stomach – completely infuriating the pensioner who proceeds to launch a powerful tirade of punches at every member of the gang – knocking them all to the ground.

One theory is that the pensioner is a well respected Russian mafia boss and that the gang stay down when he hits them out of fear and respect.


And it’s a plausible conspiracy – either that or he’s just hard as fuck and really knows what to do with his fists.

At least somebody sorted these scumbags out…