Escaped Big Cat Caught On Film


You definitely wouldn’t want to see this in your backyard.

Footage captured by a dad in Warwickshire shows the chilling moment a large cat slowly makes its way into a patch of bushes right by a sleepy village.

The cat, which appears to be around 4ft in length, has a black tail and patterned markings similar to a lynx.


Phillip White, 39, was looking out of his patio window when he spotted the giant animal in a field behind his home in Great Alne, Warwickshire.

He managed to film the animal pass his home just 70m away from him around 10am on October 29, the Telegraph reports.

White said:

I’ve seen it before but never had my camera so when it appeared again I just started filming. I saw it on the left and at first I thought it might be a deer.

It’s a big cat in my mind, there’s no doubt about it. It looks like a wild cat you normally see in the zoo or a safari park. Either it’s escaped from a private collection or just living in the wild but it was pretty scary to see.

It looked fully grown and was walking around with confidence so its obviously used to its surroundings.


White added that his family now take extra care when taking their one-year-old daughter out in the garden.

He also voiced his concern for the village’s safety, saying: “I am worried for the children because they are more vulnerable. There are lots of families. There is actually a children’s playground nearby so the thought of that is quite concerning.”

The sighting comes after an animal, described as a large feline creature with leopard makings, was spotted in the same area just weeks earlier at 8.20am on October 8. And on October 10, another resident claimed he heard a creature growl while walking his dogs.