Escort Shoots Man In The Head Twice Because He ‘Wasn’t Performing Well’

Marissa Wallen / Facebook

An escort from Washington, US, has been accused of shooting a man in the head – twice – because he wasn’t performing well.

Marissa Wallen allegedly shot the man because he was performing an oral sex act on her incorrectly and she didn’t know how best to tell him, according to reports.

The 36-year-old male survived the incident, which occurred in his home in Everett, Washington, last month.

Marissa Wallen / Facebook

The escort has since been arrested and faced the charges in court on Thursday November 9, reports My Everett News.

In the probable cause papers, Wallen was described as ’emotionless’.

They continued to read:

[Wallen is] emotionless and showed that she was cold and calculating. In the end she said that she shot (the victim) two times in the head because he was performing oral sex wrong and she did not know how to tell him that.

Marissa Wallen / Facebook

Everett Police said on the morning of 24th October, officers were dispatched to the unnamed man’s house to find him ‘awake but unresponsive’.

He was transported to a local hospital where it was discovered he’d been shot and two bullets remained lodged in his head.

During the investigation, detectives also discovered his wallet was missing –  around the time of the shooting, almost $12,000 was taken from, or charged to, the man’s financial accounts.

The charges were tracked to area businesses where it was confirmed the female had used the accounts and she was identified.

Marissa Wallen/Facebook

Wallen has since confessed to the crime and is being held on charges of assault, robbery and identity theft.

Her bail is set at $1 million and she’s reportedly trying to get another customer to pay the fee.