Essex Tesco Worker Delivers Food To 99-Year-Old Man With No Food

by : Julia Banim on : 25 Mar 2020 11:30
Essex Tesco Worker Delivers Food To 99-Year-Old Man With No FoodEssex Tesco Worker Delivers Food To 99-Year-Old Man With No FoodDan Scott/Facebook

A kind-hearted supermarket worker from Essex has extended a much-needed helping hand to a 99-year-old man, who hadn’t been able to find any of the items on his shopping list aside from a comb.


The shelves of Tesco’s Basildon branch had been stripped bare by panic-buyers, leaving no basic essentials for elderly shoppers such as this man, named only as Norman.

Area manager Dan Scott spotted Norman struggling to buy what he needed, and was left devastated when the nonagenarian informed him he had eaten better during the war. All he had wanted was bread, eggs, Marmite and some beans, but there was none to be found.

Kind-hearted Dan knew he couldn’t leave poor Norman short of his essentials and so wrote down his number, asking the pensioner to give him a ring the following day with his list and promising he would take the items to him personally.


Dan was impressed by how independent Norman was at the grand age of 99, having driven to and from the supermarket himself. However, he knew he would need a little extra help to get his fridge stocked up.

Covid 19 Corona Virus panic buying in the UK - Friday night empty nappy shelves with a sign advising restraint in purchasing at a London Sainsburys store as sales of vital good and medical products are being rationed across London stores to counter panic bCovid 19 Corona Virus panic buying in the UK - Friday night empty nappy shelves with a sign advising restraint in purchasing at a London Sainsburys store as sales of vital good and medical products are being rationed across London stores to counter panic bPA

Taking to Facebook, Dan revealed how he was able to get together a hamper stuffed with goods for Norman with help from his generous neighbours and colleagues:

I was truly overcome with emotion when he left me and thought how can this man not get any food. He’s got a daughter but you can imagine her age.

So I asked someone in Tesco to do me a shop overnight that I could collect first thing. I got home and me and Dan asked our neighbours if anyone had anything they could spare.

Again, I was overwhelmed with the generosity of people we managed to get a huge hamper of food. Me and my colleague Carol surprised Norman today with everything on his list and a lot more!! He was so grateful and said ‘I’ll live like a king till I’m 100 now’.

He continued:

Please can people share this, so we get a message out there that people buying all these products and clearing the shelves is seriously stopping people like Norman from even eating. All he wanted was bread, eggs, marmite and some beans. It’s disgusting.

He also told me today he had more food in the war…… think about that for a second. I feel so happy today knowing Norman has food tonight, but how many more Norman’s are there right now because of the most selfish, disgusting people in this world. Stay safe everyone, and look around you, people really need your help.

Panic buyPanic buyPA

Dan’s post has since gone viral, having gained 35,000 shares at the time of writing. Many have praised Dan and Carol for showing such compassion at a time when elderly citizens are facing additional difficulties.


Answering queries in the comments, Dan said new stock is being delivered every day, but it is all just flying off the shelves because of panicked people buying in bulk without thinking about the needs of others.

This is a common concern in stores up and down the country, leading to shortages of everyday items such as hand sanitiser, toilet roll, milk and paracetamol. Addressing this issue, major supermarket chains are now putting measures in place to ensure shoppers are leaving enough on the shelves to go around.

Sainsbury’s is permitting shoppers to only buy up to three of any grocery item and only two of more popular purchases such as toilet paper, soap and long-life milk, while Aldi is limiting customers to just four of any product.

panic buypanic buyPA

Supermarkets are also working to ensure elderly shoppers are given extra support at this time. For example, Iceland stores have been opening their doors an hour early for elderly and vulnerable people to get their groceries, with Tesco having introduced a similar scheme.

Dan hopes Norman’s story will encourage people to be more considerate when out shopping and keep in mind those who will be finding the day-to-day realities of the ongoing pandemic particularly challenging.

Speaking with UNILAD, Dan said:

I posted this so people could see that there are people that need our help right now. The older generation are feeling more lonely, isolated and some are struggling for food – that’s why it’s important to help.

It was heartbreaking to see Norman out trying to get food and he was so humble, saying he’d try the next day. I didn’t want him to come out to Tesco every day to get food – hence me offering.

I delivered one big hamper and now I drop things at his door to keep a safe distance, the little bits he needs – yesterday was frozen veg.

Panic buyPanic buyPA

A very well done to Dan, Carol, their colleagues at Tesco and Dan’s neighbours for setting such an incredible example for the rest of us. Older people are particularly vulnerable right now, and it’s up to those who are young and healthy to make life easier for them, not harder.

It’s okay to not panic. LADbible and UNILAD’s aim with our coronavirus campaign, Cutting Through, is to provide our community with facts and stories from the people who are either qualified to comment or have experienced first-hand the situation we’re facing. For more information from the World Health Organization on coronavirus, click here.

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Dan Scott/Facebook
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