Ethics Complaint Against Rudy Giuliani Seeks To Disbar Him

by : Cameron Frew on : 21 Jan 2021 22:53
Ethics Complaint Against Rudy Giuliani Seeks To Disbar HimPA Images

A legal advocacy group has filed an ethics complaint against Rudy Giuliani, seeking to disbar him for his efforts in Donald Trump’s election challenges.

The former New York City mayor was a major player in Trump’s legal fights to overturn the election following Biden’s win, pedalling baseless accusations of electoral fraud which had no grounds in evidence, or reality in general.


His participation in press conferences and echoing the dangerous misinformation has seen him become the subject of an ethics complaint, which looks to prevent him from practicing law again.

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Lawyers Defending American Democracy, ‘a non-profit, non-partisan organisation the purpose of which is to foster adherence to the rule of law’, has put forward an 18-page complaint accusing Giuliani of ‘violating multiple provisions of the New York Rules of Professional Conduct’ while representing Trump.

The complaint has been signed by more than a dozen lawyers, including former acting US Attorney General Stuart M. Gerson and former US district judges H. Lee Sarokin and Fern M. Smith.

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The filing notes: ‘As lead counsel for Mr. Trump in all election matters, Mr. Giuliani has spearheaded a nationwide public campaign to convince the public and the courts of massive voter fraud and a stolen presidential election.’

It adds: ‘Mr. Giuliani personally advanced and argued claims in court that were frivolous and had no reasonable purpose other than to fuel the extrajudicial campaign of falsehoods. Mr. Giuliani knew that his claims of widespread election fraud were false.’

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The complaint acknowledges that ‘lawyers have every right to represent their clients zealously and to engage in political speech’, but claims Giuliani crossed ethical boundaries in his actions with Trump’s legal team. The New York State Bar Association has also launched an investigation into his conduct.

It continues: ‘Mr. Giuliani’s flagrant and persistent lying deserves heightened scrutiny and sanctions because his intent and purpose was to undermine the most fundamental of the rights protected by the constitution and the right preservative of all other constitutional rights: the right to vote.’

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Just last week, Giuliani discussed the criticism levelled at him in the wake of Trump’s loss and exit from the White House. ‘I was a prosecutor all my life – I’m not stupid. I don’t want to get in trouble. And I have a high sense of ethics, personally. I hate it when people attack my integrity,’ he said, as per Forbes.


The complaint writes: ‘A lawyer who lies to the public and abuses the court system to undermine democracy and the rule of law is not fit to practice law.’

Giuliani had planned to serve on Trump’s impeachment legal team, before later realising he’ll be a witness in the case.

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