Euthanasia Video Of ‘Dying Man’ So Horrific People Can’t Watch It


This is the short movie deemed so graphic and devastating, some people are calling it unwatchable. 

Stop the Horror may only be five minutes, but it sure feels longer.

It depicts the final, agonising days of 56-year-old Greg Sims, who died of brain cancer in 2005.

This pro-euthanasia film is objectively distressing – viewer discretion is highly advised.

Over the course, we see Mr Sims in various degrees of pain, including one difficult scene in which the Australian father convulses so hard he throws himself off his hospital bed.

Meanwhile, his family watch on in terror, completely helpless.

The trailer for the movie is below. We can only warn you so many times but this is a distressing video to watch:

To watch the full six minute version, head to the Stop The Horror website.

The film was directed by Justin Kurzel and released by right-to-die campaigners in Victoria, Australia.

Go Gentle Australia director Paul Price said:

Make no mistake – the story of Greg Sims is real.

It is really only for a small proportion of terminally ill people but the pain and suffering that Greg – and his family – endured exists and will continue to exist unless there are other choices at the end of life.

Greg’s daughter Nia provided the details of her father’s final days in order to make the short as true to his struggles as possible.