Ever Given Finally Unloads At Its Destination Four Months After Getting Stuck In Suez Canal

by : Hannah Smith on : 30 Jul 2021 08:05
Ever Given Finally Unloads At Its Destination Four Months After Getting Stuck In Suez CanalPA Images

The Ever Given has finally reached its destination a staggering four months late after getting stuck for more than a week in the Suez Canal.

We’ve all experienced a delivery taking ages to arrive, but you’d be pretty peeved if you had to wait four months for your ASOS parcel to turn up. Well, it’s safe to say the Ever Given has been responsible for its fair share of delays, having caused a global shipping pileup when it managed to beach itself in the middle of one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes.

Ever Given ship at anchor (PA Images)PA Images

Now, more than four months later, the ship has finally pulled into port in Rotterdam, Netherlands, reaching its destination early Thursday, July 29. The arrival of the 1,300-foot container ship means a lot of people are one step closer to getting their shipments, with the Ever Given carrying a huge 18,000 container boxes containing an estimated $700 million worth of goods. Companies waiting on cargo on board the ship include Ikea, Nike, Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger.

Although the Ever Given was dug out of its sideways position by a team of more than 600 engineers and sailors a week after getting wedged, it turned out its ordeal had only just begun. The ship was seized by Egyptian authorities further down the canal and detained following a dispute between the Suez Canal’s state-owned operator and the Japanese owners of the Ever Given.

Ever Given stuck in Suez Canal (PA Images)PA Images

Officials held the ship for a number of months while demanding $900 million in compensation for the shipowners, who they blamed for the accident. According to the Wall Street Journal, a deal for around $200 million was struck in June, with the ship released earlier this month.

Although its arrival in Rotterdam closes the chapter on the cargo shipping voyage that gripped the world and launched a thousand memes, the Ever Given is not done yet. After unloading some of its cargo in the Netherlands the ship is set to continue on to the United Kingdom next month, meaning that ASOS parcel could finally be on its way.

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