Ever Given Set To Return To Suez Canal After Blocking It For Six Days

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Ever Given Set To Return To Suez Canal After Blocking It For Six DaysPA Images

The Ever Given is making its way back to the Suez Canal for the first time since the events that unfolded in March.

Five months ago, the ginormous cargo ship became lodged in the Egyptian canal for six days.


The ship, which was filled with an estimated $700 million worth of goods at the time, reportedly cost the economy an eye-watering $400 million for each hour it was stuck.

Not only did the blockage delay the shipments of the cargo onboard the ship, but it also prevented hundreds of other ships from travelling through the canal which offers passage to 12% of the world’s trade passes.

Ever Given ship (PA Images)PA Images

While the ship was eventually dislodged on March 29, almost a week later, it was predicted that the aftermath of the incident could affect the supply of goods for many months after.


It took several days for the traffic jam that built up behind the Ever Given to be fully cleared.

Following the incident, the Suez Canal Authority demanded $550 million in compensation, 9News reports.

At one point, the large ship was banned from leaving the Suez Canal while the Egyptian authorities held it until the owners of the Ever Given coughed up $1 billion in compensation.

Ever Given was stuck in the Suez Canal for 6 days (PA Images)PA Images

The Ever Given has since visited all the countries it was supposed to and is said to have departed from the UK earlier this month.


Ever Given Ship Will Finally Be Free To Sail Following Suez Canal Incident

published ata year ago

It’s believed the Empire State Building-sized ship is now on its way to Singapore for repairs, which entails passing through the Suez Canal once again.

Lloyd’s List container shipping editor James Baker tweeted yesterday, August 19, ‘[The ship is] running empty, heading for a shipyard in Singapore for some panel work. If it does go sideways, they won’t have to wait for a spring tide to haul it off this time.’


In July, upon the ship’s release, a compensation agreement was reached, although the details of the deal are unknown.

Back in March, it was also revealed many ships delayed by the Ever Given weren’t insured for the disruption, meaning they would have had to pay for the losses from their own pockets.

Here’s hoping things will run more smoothly this time…

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