Ever Given Ship Blocking Suez Canal Freed, Egyptian Authorities Report

by : Emma Rosemurgey on : 29 Mar 2021 14:29
Ever Given Ship Blocking Suez Canal Freed, Egyptian Authorities ReportPA Images

The Ever Given ship blocking the Suez Canal in Egypt has finally been freed, Egyptian officials have reported.

Earlier today, March 29, it was reported that the ship had been re-floated and corrected by 80%, but officials were still unable to remove the giant vessel.


Although the stern was no longer blocking the entirety of the canal, the bow of the ship remained stuck in the canal bank, despite reports which suggested the cargo ship was free.

‘We need to be realistic and that is that the stem of the ship is still very much stuck. Putting the rear end of the ship afloat was the easy part. The challenging part will be the front of the ship. Now, we will start working at the front,’ said Peter Berdowski, head of the salvage firm hired to help free the Ever Given, earlier today.

Now, BBC News reports the Japanese-owned boat, which is almost the length of the Empire State Building, has finally been dislodged. However, it’s unclear how long it will take before any of the 300-plus boats waiting for passage will be able to move through the busy trade route that connects Asia and Africa.


Video footage shows hundreds of boats honking their horns in celebration at the vessel finally making moves, after almost a week of blocking the Egyptian water flow.

NBC News journalist Raf Sanchez tweeted two side-by-side pictures, comparing the angle of the ship from a few hours ago to within the last 40 minutes. He later shared a video of the vessel steadily moving northwards.

More than 370 cargo ships are still waiting to be able to pass through the Suez, with the delay costing the global economy an estimated $400 million for every hour boats are unable to transport goods through the canal.


Several other ships have already made the decision to take a longer route, which takes them around the south coast of Africa; a trip which is expected to take several days longer, rather than waiting for the unknown of how long it would take to free the Ever Given.

Not only has the ship blockage caused huge financial implications on the global market, it has also caused huge costs for haulage companies, many of which will not be insured for such events, experts have warned. Meanwhile, other repercussions have included a potential world shortage of toilet roll.

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