Ever Wanted To Take Your Wingman On A Date With You? Here’s How You Can


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You know how sometimes, you don’t really want to go on that date you’ve arranged with so and so off Tinder and wish you could take a friend with you for back-up?

Well Elite Daily and their Generation Y series have come up with a way you can actually do that.

According to their video, there are fool proof ways to take your friend out with you on a date, and if you’re not really hopeful it will go anywhere, it could be a god way to get some free food for you and your friend – not to mention some alcohol.

Because let’s face it, there are more than a couple of girls out there who have gone on a date, realised it was going nowhere and thought f*ck it, I’ll stay for the free wine anyway.

Even if you’re a guy, you can at least take your wingman and then go to another bar and hit on some other girls if your original date bombs.

The pair give it their best shot, and it’s not as bad as you might think – but really, imagine if you actually met someone you were genuinely interested in and then had to flirt around your friend.

Is putting your date off and giving up the chance of sex really worth free wine? That’s the million dollar question here.