Every Mortal Kombat Fatality Ever, Supercut Into One Gruesome Video


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Mortal Kombat is a beloved videogame series, known for its gruesome fighting styles, and famed for its controversial focus in gore filled finishing moves called fatalities. 

YouTuber IZUNIY is such a huge fan of these grim finishing animations, that they’ve decided to put together a supercut of every fatality ever. As you can imagine, for a series that’s been going for nearly 25 years, it’s a pretty long video (well over an hour).

Obviously, we go through the fatalities in chronological order. You’ll notice them as hilariously hyper violent pixels, and wonder how they ever caused such a stir back in 1992. Then, you’ll see them evolve as the graphics improve, and things get steadily grimmer.

You’ve gotta admire the fact that the developers always tried to use the technology of the day to be as depraved and violent as possible. Plus, if you’ve gotta compete with Street Fighter, you might as well go in the exact opposite direction, tone wise.

I don’t imagine you plan on sitting through the whole thing, because it’s over 100 minutes of people killing each other in horrible ways. I’d be quite concerned if you were planning on enjoying the entire video in one go, to be honest.

Watch as much as you can stomach below:

I watched more than I wanted to for the purposes of this article and now I don’t know how to feel. I need to go play Spyro to try and get all that death out of my head.