Every Phone In New York Just Received This Emergency Message

Explosion In Chelsea Neighborhood of New York City Injures 29Getty

An emergency alert has been sent to all phones in New York warning residents to be on the look out. 

In a move that conjures up disturbing images of a Big Brother-esque dystopian future, the message arrived simultaneously on hundreds of thousands of phones across the city, reports Mashable.

The alert requested people to look out for a man wanted for questioning in connection with the explosion in Chelsea this weekend.

The geographically targeted alerts, informed New Yorkers that 28-year-old Ahmad Khan Rahami is wanted for questioning by officials regarding the explosion in New York that injured 29 people.

Rahami is reported to have recently lived in Elizabeth, New Jersey and is of Afghan descent. He has brown hair, brown eyes, is 5’6 tall and weighs approximately 200 pounds, according to the FBI. Residents have been informed that if they see him they should contact 911.

But it seems like the creepy alert may have lead to an increased nervousness among commuters, with various people tweeting about the incident.

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If it helps to catch the person or people responsible for the explosions in New York then it will have served its purpose, but the knowledge they can do this sends a shiver down my spine…