Everybody ‘Gives No F*cks’ About Rap Group’s Attempt At Viral Video

These White Kids/YouTube

This is one of the most obnoxious music videos you’re likely to see this year.

American rap duo BB the Jerk & ATM, who together form These White Kids, stormed numerous university classes flipping people off and generally being dickheads in the video for their track ‘I Give No Fucks’.

See if you can spot why they should probably give some fucks when it comes to writing lyrics…

‘I’m never going to give no fucks’ – so they must give some fucks then?

I counted one token effort to join in during the entire video, as everyone else seemed pretty keen to get their 30 second shot over with so the education they are paying for could resume.

Credit where it’s due though, what they lack in a quality music video, these guys do make up for in their political outlook.

That or they have a strange Donald Trump fetish…