Everybody Is Making The Same Joke About The John Lewis Ad Monster

by : Julia Banim on : 10 Nov 2017 14:52
John Lewis

It was an innocent story about a young boy befriending the cuddly monster beneath his bed.


Heartwarming, with an adorable protagonist and a softly sung Beatles cover, the John Lewis advert is, well, pure John Lewis.

Despite his bed-shaking flatulance, Moz the monster is a good sort; always up for a game and generous with present giving – even if his wrapping skills are seriously lacking.

However, some viewers have noticed something a little unsavoury about, ahem, the hairy, ballsy monster…

Check it out for yourself:


Yes. Lets get real, Moz’s nose looks uncannily like a specific part of the male anatomy, which you wouldn’t normally see in a John Lewis festive ad.

We could handle the sexually frustrated penguins, sure, but are we ready for a monster with a scrotum where his nose should be?

One Twitter user noted:

So Paddington throws a f*ck in the M&S ad and Moz the John Lewis monster has c*ck and balls for a nose. MERRY FILTHMAS! #UnderTheBed #lovethebear’.

Another person declared:

I mean it’s a scrotum. It’s a scrotum!!!’.


People even tried to give Moz some advice, with one person remarking:

Your nose is a swollen ball bag. I saw it on the John Lewis advert. Hiding under kids beds isn’t cool man.

Another person tweeted:

My son [after seeing John Lewis’ Moz for the 1st time]: But dad… *his voice shakes ever so slightly* I don’t want a monster that has a testicle for a nose to live under my bed.


Questions were even raised about Moz’s skincare regime, with one person commenting:

Why has the monster in the #JohnLewis xmas advert got a scrotum for a nose?

It’s wrinkle free so he must be using a good moisturiser.

Luckily, Moz already has plenty of fans who love him, nuts-nose and all, and his mini, cuddly companions are selling out quickly.

Plenty of people have taken to twitter to hail Moz as a self-sacrificing hero, with one person weeping:

The monster knew he was stopping his young friend from sleeping, so he did what was best for his friend and gave him a nightlight for Christmas, which sadly in turn kept away the monster.

He gave his life for his friend. Pass the xmas tissues now.

Strange snout aside, Moz is very cute and, as we all learned from Monsters Inc, is probably a pretty sorted guy.

Just cannot unsee the nose now though.

Julia Banim

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