Everybody’s Making The Same Joke About Steve Harvey’s New Year’s Eve Outfit

Miss Universe

US television presenter, Steve Harvey, was hosting Fox’s live New Year’s Eve programme in New York – but all the attention was firmly on his choice  of outfit.

Harvey, who’s also a comedian, was seen rocking a wide-brimmed white hat, a large white overcoat and black gloves, as temperatures hovered around the 10F mark, cold right?

So, of course everybody went straight to Twitter, as they always do, to provide a whole load of comparisons:

People compared Harvey to a Batman villain, a spy and a wrestler – while some compared him to Olivia Pope – a character played by Kerry Washington on Scandal – ‘a snow trooper’ oh and Frosty the Snowman.

One person wrote:

Steve Harvey looks like a Batman villain that has captured Times Square and will kill civilians unless Batman answers all of his riddles.

I can see that one to be fair.

People also made reference to his mess-up at the Miss Universe competition, saying they wouldn’t be surprised if Harvey rang in the wrong year.

The host caused a fair bit of outrage back in 2015, when he incorrectly announced Miss Colombia as the winner, only to later pronounce the Philippines’ Wurtzbach as the rightful queen.

Miss Colombia was already proudly blowing kisses to the crowd when Harvey admitted he’d made a mistake – and if you’ve never seen it, it was as awkward as it sounds.

One person wrote:

Not watching Steve Harvey’s New Year’s Eve show because there’s a chance he’ll announce the wrong year.

During the show, Harvey also performed New Year’s Eve nuptials for his co-host, Maria Menounos and her boyfriend Keven Undergaro.

The couple have been together for 20 years and were married on the live broadcast just before midnight.

According to PEOPLE, the couple’s wedding planning took just two weeks, which included ‘finding the perfect dress’ after it all started with a half-hearted suggestion from the show’s producer.

Happy New Year everybody, hope your 2018 is as extra as Harvey’s outfit.