Everyone Is Laughing At Donald Trump’s Badge While Addressing Failed Healthcare Bill

by : UNILAD on : 25 Mar 2017 14:40

Donald Trump, what does he love? Anarchy? Maybe. Money? Almost certainly. Melania? Meh. But Trucks? Man, The Donald just fucking loves trucks. 

Big trucks, small trucks – size doesn’t matter to Trump. It’s just trucks. Trucks, trucks, trucks. The man is obsessed with trucks.

In case you missed what may be the best Trump moment of all time, here it is in all of its trucking glory.


So the story goes that while Trump was discussing one of the most important issues in contemporary America – the GOP’s ongoing battle to replace Obamacare, President Trump was wearing a big ol’ badge that read ‘I Love Trucks’.


Earlier in the day Trump somehow found the time to sit inside an 18-wheeler truck that was parked outside the White House, pulling some enthusiastic faces, and honking the horn like a six-year-old on the best school trip ever.


But did Trump really forget to take off his badge? Or was he wearing it with pride? Or, conspiracists delight, was he wearing it to purposely go viral in a rogue attempt to stop people talking about his crippling healthcare plan and to talk about the silly badge instead?

Who knows.


But I guess the only certainty left in modern America is that Trump just loves his 18-wheelers.

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