Jamie Dornan’s Bulge Is All Anyone Can Talk About In This Picture


Fifty Shades of Grey star Jamie Dornan is known for causing sensations but who would have thought that fans would have gone wild over this seemingly innocent photo of the actor.

When Discover Northern Ireland took a photo of the hunk at Portstewart Golf Club, I doubt they expected the photo to go viral on Twitter.

Appropriately captioned ‘look at that view’ followed by a heart eyes emoji, Twitter users certainly got an eyeful.

Northern Ireland does look stunning but it is the prominent thing in the foreground that caught the attention of the internet.

That, of course, was Dornan’s large looking bulge.

Apparently it was just a golf ball in Dornan’s pocket but many would like to think differently…

Discover Northern Ireland may think that they have now ballsed up their promotion photo, but that bulge is more than enough to encourage people to visit the area.

I’m sure Ryanair have nearly sold out of flights already!