Everyone Made Same Point About Mia Khalifa Handing In Her Gun To Police

by : UNILAD on : 24 May 2018 09:22
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It seems like whenever Mia Khalifa posts to social media, she’s trolled by hundreds of people who, for some reason, think they’re qualified to make a comment on her life choices.


Take last week for example. Khalifa shared a photo of herself on Twitter, handing her shotgun to a police officer stating the cost of the weapon will be donated to Everytown – a nonprofit organisation which campaigns for gun safety in America.

Handing her gun in, Khalifa was taking a stand, saying she was against ‘the untimely deaths of children’ in the wake of the shooting at a high school in Santa Fe, Texas. Ten people were killed after a 17-year-old shot at fellow pupils with a shotgun and a revolver.

Khalifa tweeted:


I’m turning in my gun to the police today and leaving my gun rack empty, just like the beds of all the lost children. I’m not against the 2nd amendment, I am against the untimely deaths of children.

I will be donating the gun’s value ($1,500) to the Everytown organisation. Having it doesn’t make me feel safer, but relinquishing it does make me feel like I’m setting an example. Every small action matters.

They couldn’t have made it easier. Thank you Austin Police for picking up my weapon for safe destruction. This may not affect anyone but, but it’s symbolic. If all of us were to do something small, eventually it will add up and change the world.

Not everyone was impressed by this act though, especially pro-gun activists who criticised her stance online.

One user replied to Khalifa’s tweet asking:

So… now what are you going to do if you ever attacked? See that nice policeman standing pretty for the camera?… takes him on average 7 minutes to get to you… not a smart choice. [sic]

Another accused Khalifa of attention seeking, tweeting:

No, if that’s what you believed you would have done it privately not turned into a spectacle by posting media, this is just an attention grab to stay popular. [sic]


One user just found it funny, for some reason, writing:

Mia the police officers were laughing at you… Wake up! Stupidity and ignorance go hand in hand. You just took the cake, Congrats!

Another Tweeter thought he had another way to solve the issue of gun crime:

Please don’t do that, Mia! That is the difference between being a subject and a citizen!

The only thing that stops evil is good people taking action!

Arming all teachers and administrators would help solve this problem!

Have a look at the video below to find out more about Mia:

Khalifa is certainly no stranger to getting abuse online, she’s previously received threats from ISIS, who are said to have sent the star mocked-up images of her being beheaded.

After she filmed a video showing her having sex while wearing a hijab, Khalifa received threats from the terrorist organisation who say she’ll be the first person in hellfire.


To find out more about Everytown you can visit their website where you can also donate to their cause.

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