Everyone Thinks Floyd Mayweather Is A Boring Fighter, Including Manny Pacquiao


Floyd Mayweather Jr coasted to another unanimous win last night to take his undefeated record to an incredible 49-0, but to call the bout a less than thrilling affair would be an understatement.

The finest boxer of his generation achieved his goal of equalling Rocky Marciano’s famous 49-fight unbeaten record and announced his retirement after the comfortable win over Andre Berto in Las Vegas.

But, yet again, many viewers were left disappointed by Mayweather’s performance. He displayed brief moments of fire and aggression but, for the most part, ‘Money’ was on autopilot against an opponent few believed deserved to share the ring with him.

To put it simply – everyone was bored senseless by the whole thing.

One person who was particularly bored by the fight was none other than Manny Pacquaio. The Filipino took to his Instagram page during the Mayweather-Berto bout to throw some shade in Floyd’s direction…

What I do when I'm bored. Hehe

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And Pacquaio wasn’t the only one unimpressed with Mayweather’s backpedalling performance. Oscar De La Hoya also seemed pretty p*ssed off by the whole terrible spectacle. Not that he’s bitter about losing to Floyd in 2007 or anything…

Mayweather announced that he’ll retire from boxing following his 49th win, because he has “nothing else to accomplish”, but not many people believe him. After all, a Pacquiao rematch would earn him a lot of cash and we all know what ‘Money’ is actually motivated by!

Plus, besides the fact that 50-0 would be a nice round number, few expect Floyd to step away from the ring for good when he has the chance to break Marciano’s record and run his mouth about it for the rest of eternity.