Strict New Vaping Laws Are Coming, Here’s What You Need To Know


Over the past three or four years vaping use has gone through the roof. 

While on every city street in the noughties people could be seen chugging away on straights and rollies, now the city air is flooded with flavoursome water vapour as people exhale their nicotine like hipster dragons.

Just last year research claimed that vaping had converted over 20,000 smokers and got them off the fags for good, but while a series of new smoking laws come into place later this month – vaping laws are coming in too, reports the Mirror.


On May 20, old time smokers will come face to face with legislation which will see 10 packs banned for good, menthols fading out, and even more graphic packaging.

But while vaping won’t be banned there are seven big changes on the horizon including legislation on the strength of liquids and limiting the size of tanks.


Here’s the seven new changes:

1. Restrict e-cigarette tanks to a capacity of no more than 2ml.

2. Restrict the maximum volume of e-liquid for sale in one refill container to 10ml.

3. Restrict e-liquids to a nicotine strength of no more than 20mg/ml.

4. Require nicotine-containing products or their packaging to be child-resistant and tamper evident.

5. Ban certain ingredients including colourings, caffeine and taurine.

6. Include new labelling requirements and warnings.

7. Require e-cigarettes and e-liquids be notified to heath regulators before they can be sold.


The new laws are sparking a lot of fear in the vaping industry with many worried that the changes will see numerous vaping stores forced to close down.

If you’re into your strong vapes then the advice most are giving is to stock up now before the big change on May 20.