Evidence ‘Proves’ Russian Ambassador Assassination Was Faked

by : Francesca Donovan on : 20 Dec 2016 13:15

The Russian ambassador to Ankara, Andrei Karlov, has reportedly died after being shot while visiting a photo gallery in the capital.


Amid the shock after a video of the alleged assassination was released on Twitter, many people questioned the legitimacy of the incident.

One Reddit user has now come forward, with help from ‘a team of experts’ claiming to have proof that the assassination was indeed faked.


Echoing many naysayers’ comments, asking why there appears to be no blood at the scene of this violent crime, the original poster explains why he’s sure this event was staged.


Ballistics expert told me these rounds sound like blanks.

There are also no sounds of shell casings hitting the floor, which would clearly be heard in a room like this where the acoustics allow for echoes to be heard.

There is also no sound of the bullets hitting him.


In further evidence, the poster points out the victim seems to flinch before the shot is actually fired. While this could simply have been a reaction to the ensuing chaos around him as the shooter pulled him gun, this fact has caused people to ask questions.

He adds:

The ruffling of his shirt appears to be some sort of small explosive charge, evidenced by it being a flash of light, rather than a gaping wound as an exit wound from a bullet would indicate.

The original poster concludes by echoing fears that the assassination was staged in order to put more pressure on already fraught tensions between Russia, Turkey, NATO and war-torn Syria.


The conspiracy theorist also puts forward a demand for a forensic analysis on the video capturing the alleged assassination, to rule out any special effects.

The Russian president, Vladimir Putin has since responded to the assassination, saying the ‘only response’ to the attack that Moscow ‘should offer’ would be ‘stepping up the fight against terrorism’.

Putin added, ‘The killers will feel it’.

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    The Russian ambassador assassination is fake, and I have evidence to prove it.