Ewan McGregor Made A Slip Up While Talking About Latest Star Wars


The Force was not strong with Ewan McGregor on his latest TV appearance when he hilariously forgot exactly what he did in The Force Awakens

While appearing on The Graham Norton Show the Scottish actor, who’ll soon start work on Trainspotting 2, began to chat about his brief appearance in the epic space opera .

The unfortunate thing is he struggled to remember a single word of his one line!

RLzLvreGTXK3AebAKW9C_3obi006.jpgDisney/ Lucasfilm

He admitted: 

My voice is in it for a second. I recorded a little line or something. I don’t know… no idea. The character’s name is Rey [as in the character played by Daisy Ridley]… I’m really struggling here… and they wanted a line of dialogue that said ‘Rey…’

And that’s as far as the beloved actor got. Thankfully Graham Norton rescued him, quoting the line, ‘Rey, these are your first steps’. But to be fair to Ewan his involvement in the movie sounds like it was pretty last-minute.


He explained:

J.J. Abrams emailed me out of the blue — he got my email address from someone and then emailed me. It was about two weeks before the film was released, so it was obviously sort of last minute.

He also mentioned the even briefer appearance of the other Obi-wan, the late Sir Alec Guinness, explaining just how Abram’s managed to resurrect the legendary actor.

giphy (10)

Apparently they recorded McGregor saying his line, then they found Alec Guinness saying ‘afraid’ and cut out the ‘Rey’ syllable. So it’s Guinness saying ‘Rey’ and then Ewan saying the end of the line.

Let’s hope Ewan starts to remember his lines before the rumoured Obi-Wan spin off…