Ex-Battlefield Devs Are Making Awesome Sounding Viking Horror Game



An ex-Battlefield developer recently founded a new independent studio called The Outsiders. Their first project? A Viking horror game. Awesome. 

Currently known as Project Wight, the game is set ‘in an alternate history of the early Viking era’ where humans share the world with a race of intelligent four legged beasts.

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Project Wight is the brainchild of DICE and Overkill veteran David Goldfarb, who discusses his creation in a brief teaser video.

While you might think we’d be playing as the Vikings fighting off monsters (as is usually the norm), it’s actually the other way around – we see the world of Project Wight through the eyes of these mysterious four legged creatures.

Goldfarb explains:

What’s unique about our game is that you see the world through the eyes these creatures. As you move around the tunnels that these creatures inhabit. You’ll see what humans have done to your kind over the years.

Check out the introductory trailer below, complete with commentary from Goldfarb.

That’s all we have to go on for now (aside from the fact that it runs on Unity) but it’s certainly a super interesting idea, and one to keep an eye on.

Certainly, this seems like the kind of game with a message that’s gonna make me think about life and question my very existence – everything I want in a game.