Ex-Boyfriend Of £33Million Lotto Winner Mocked As ‘Unluckiest Ex’ Online

by : Tom Percival on : 14 Jan 2016 12:50
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It’s pretty annoying when you see that an ex is doing better without you, so imagine how gutted you’d feel if they were doing this well.

The Daily Mail report that poor Grant Robinson, 28, has been branded the ‘unluckiest ex-boyfriend in Britain’, after it was revealed that he used to date the daughter of the UK’s record-breaking Lotto couple and his mates are making sure he knows it.


They haven’t stopped taking the piss out of Grant on social media since they discovered his old flame, Lisa Martin’s, mum and dad had scooped an incredible £33million on the Lottery.

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One uploaded a picture of Grant to Facebook mocking his bad luck and captioning it: “When you realise your ex-girlfriend’s parents just won £33 million on the lottery!”

While his friend Liam Wallace wrote: ‘Coulda been driving about in a Ferrari Robbo!’, one even jokingly suggested: ‘Grant Robinson make amends.’

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To be fair Grant’s taken the joke in his stride and even changed his profile picture to a picture of his shocked mug.

The couple reportedly used to date several years ago, so at least it’s not a recent break up that would have made it so much worse.

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