Ex-Carnival Employee Reveals Secret That Makes Basketball Game Harder Than It Looks

by : Shola Lee on : 26 Sep 2021 17:42
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An ex-carnival employee has finally revealed why that infamous basketball game is so hard to win. 

Elliot Simmons made a series of TikTok videos titled ‘Things my Old Carnival Job Taught me About Carnivals’. The 10-part series quickly went viral.


In the videos, Simmons goes through a number of carnival games, revealing why they are so hard to win. And it explains a lot.

Part four of the TikToker’s series reveals secrets about the ‘fan-favourite’ basketball game, saying he was shocked about what he had learned while working at the carnival.


The video has currently racked up 7.4 million views, with Simmons explaining that:


Yes, the rims are oval-shaped, which makes it really harder to get that swish. Also, positioned higher than regulation and the balls are overinflated, which makes them extra bouncy.

While this seems unfair, it kind of makes sense, right? The carnival has to earn money somehow.

However, if you are determined to impress your friends the next time you are at a carnival, Simmons has some insider tips.

The TikToker explains that when he manned the game, he had a ball that was not over-inflated to toss around.


Simmons offered a solution to the rigged game:

Quick tip for you, if you want to win this game, ask the game-worker to use their ball. Nine times out of ten they’ll say yes, and then try to swish it.

With Simmons still creating videos, you are sure to have a pretty good shot the next time the carnival comes to town.

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