Ex-Convicts Reveal The Things They Miss About Prison


Prison. It’s a place that thanks to popular culture we’re all bloody terrified of… and for good reason. 

From savage riots to attempted murders and gang warfare, we can only imagine what goes on behind bars.

But for those who manage to get through this ordeal, it’s merely the beginning of a tough journey ahead in the outside world.

In the U.S. especially, a criminal record leaves former convicts without job prospects, money or in some cases even a place to live.

So in a sense, you can kind of understand those who long to go back inside – with many unfortunately achieving that goal.

A report by the United States Sentencing Commission found over an eight year follow-up period that federal offenders released from incarceration in 2005 had a rearrest rate of 52.5%.

Some of those, however, who managed to keep on the straight and narrow since being released prison took to Reddit to explain what they really miss about spending time behind bars.

For some it was all about the respect they had from fellow inmates:

Even the simple things made life better:


The sense of camaraderie could make your time go very quickly:

The routine even helped people stay in shape:


And tackle personal demons:

In fact, things could be rather pleasant in ‘the joint’:

Even better than life on the outside, perhaps:

Though not everyone agreed:


So, there you have it.

Crime really doesn’t pay.