Ex-Manchester United Stars Allow Homeless Squatters To Live In Hotel Through Winter

by : UNILAD on : 19 Oct 2015 02:30
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Ex-footballers in the news for something positive? This does not happen everyday, but it certainly is well deserved in this case.


Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs are currently in the process of redeveloping a historic building into a boutique hotel, but in it’s current state the building is not being used for any commercial purpose.

With the former Manchester Stock Exchange building being left unused by customers at present a group of homeless squatters took their chance and occupied the development on Norfolk Street.

Demonstrating empathy for their fellow human beings, Giggs and Neville have made the unorthodox move to allow the occupation to continue as a means of supporting Manchester’s homeless through the winter months.

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In a phone conversation with human rights activist and Manchester Angels spokesperson Wesley Hall, Neville assured the group they would not be hounded out, so long as they allow surveyors to continue their work.

33-year-old Hall broke down at the news and replied as thus:

We undertake not to cause any damage to anything and to leave the building in as good if not a better state than we found it in. I have ordered smoke alarms to keep the building safe. I even suggested to Gary that he might be interested in employing some of the homeless people who are living here as labourers to help with the redevelopment work on the hotel”.

The Manchester Angels have said the premises will be put to good use with a roof over the heads of those in need, hot food, permanent accommodation search support, benefit advice, plus a range of other workshops.

I think even the most staunch Liverpool or Man City fans would say fair play to the ex-Devils on Operation Safe Winter. Top stuff.

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