Ex-Prisoners Reveal The Most F*cked Up Things They Witnessed Behind Bars

by : UNILAD on : 30 Jun 2016 07:50

We’ve all wondered what it’s like to be behind bars.


If you’ve never been to jail, it’s sometimes hard to imagine it as anything other than what we see on TV – where inmates get along with guards and other inmates, and live a pretty comfy life other than the occasional brawl.

But – as you’ve probably guessed – it’s not like that at all. And the good people over at Reddit have revealed what it’s really like in order to give us a terrifying reality check.

Asking ‘Redditors who have done time, what was the most WTF thing that you saw behind bars?’ in a thread, Reddit users definitely delivered.

Warning: there’s some pretty fucked up shit ahead:


Less fucked up, more ingenious:

Then straight back to fucked up:


This one’s more sad than anything:

I definitely wouldn’t want to be this guy:


And probably the most messed up one of all:

So there you have it. If you ever thought prison was like Orange Is The New Black, there’s a good chance you don’t anymore.

Prison is a much more fucked up place than many of us imagine it to be. I, for one, would like to stay on the outside.

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    Redditors who have done time, what was the most WTF thing that you saw behind bars?