Ex-Prisoners Reveal The Most F*cked Up Things They Witnessed Behind Bars


We’ve all wondered what it’s like to be behind bars.

If you’ve never been to jail, it’s sometimes hard to imagine it as anything other than what we see on TV – where inmates get along with guards and other inmates, and live a pretty comfy life other than the occasional brawl.

But – as you’ve probably guessed – it’s not like that at all. And the good people over at Reddit have revealed what it’s really like in order to give us a terrifying reality check.

Asking ‘Redditors who have done time, what was the most WTF thing that you saw behind bars?’ in a thread, Reddit users definitely delivered.

Warning: there’s some pretty fucked up shit ahead:

Less fucked up, more ingenious:

Then straight back to fucked up:

This one’s more sad than anything:

I definitely wouldn’t want to be this guy:

And probably the most messed up one of all:

So there you have it. If you ever thought prison was like Orange Is The New Black, there’s a good chance you don’t anymore.

Prison is a much more fucked up place than many of us imagine it to be. I, for one, would like to stay on the outside.