Ex-Soldier Accused Of Faking Trench Foot Condition After Suing MoD For Record £3.7 Million

by : Joe Harker on : 19 Oct 2021 23:15

An ex-soldier suing the Ministry of Defence for £3.7 million has been accused of faking his condition.

A former soldier is facing claims that he faked his trench foot condition in order to sue the Ministry of Defence.


Brian Muyepa says he suffered the condition after wearing wet boots for more than five hours during a training exercise in 2016.


Further exposure to cold temperatures in 2017 resulted in ‘very severe’ cold sensitivity and he was medically discharged from the armed forces in January 2018.

It was then that Muyepa began pursuing a claim for compensation, saying that he was only able to walk for about 100 metres with the aid of a stick and could only stand up for 10 minutes at a time.


However, he is now facing accusations that he faked the condition by packing his feet in ice to fool military doctors, which could see his £3.7 million claim fall apart.

MoD lawyers previously admitted there had been a breach in their duty of care towards the 32-year-old, but according to the Daily Mirror, they later accused him of ‘exaggerating’ the extent of his injuries after a video reportedly emerged of Muyepa dancing.


The MoD says the footage of him dancing shows he is ‘much more mobile’ than he had made himself out to be and they are now attempting to make the case ‘that the claim is entirely fraudulent’ after a new witness came forward.


MoD barrister Andrew Ward told High Court Judge John Kimbell QC that a new witness is claiming Muyepa discussed packing ice around his feet ‘to fool the infrared thermography tests at the Institute of Naval Medicine’.

Muyepa denies the accusations of dishonesty and exaggeration levelled at him, and is intent on pursuing his £3.7 million claim against the MoD.

Included in his £3.7 million claim is more than £800,000 compensation for the loss of career and £1.7 million to pay for carers.

The Daily Mail reports that a 10 day trial of the case is set to go ahead later this year during which medical experts will be asked to investigate whether a trick such as packing your feet with ice would be able to ‘fool the machine’ into a diagnosis of trench foot.


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