Ex-UFC Fighter Dishes Out ‘Savage Ass-Kicking’ To Become Bareknuckle Champ


Joe Riggs is a fighter and his extensive collection of battles across a whole breadth of fighting sports merely reinforces the obvious. 

At the fine old age of 34, despite being a UFC vet and familiar face in the world of MMA, Joe decided to make a change – swapping the Octagon for the ring and ditching the gloves all together.

After spending a couple of months training hard for a bareknuckle title fight in the UK, Joe, nicknamed Diesel, eventually took on Christian Evans earlier this month.


With two victories in his last three fights, hardcore fans of Diesel were expecting a lot from the bareknuckle bout – it didn’t dissapoint.

Despite losing the first round on the scorecard, Riggs ‘saw an opportunity and he took it’ in the second, sending Evans spiraling down to the canvas with a barbaric right hook to the eye.

And that wasn’t the only time Riggs opened up on the Welsh former champ, hammering him with a barage of hooks in the final round and dropping him to the canvas with a bleeding head once again.

Ironically that probably wasn’t the best part of the fight – instead, my own personal gem from the battle was when Diesel picked Evans up and launched him to the floor with an MMA throw getting himself a point deducted.

You can watch the full fight here, but the slam occurs at 01:30…

At the minute it remains unclear whether or not Joe will stick around in the world of bareknuckle boxing or if he’ll head straight back to the Octagon.


It sure seems the fans want him to stay.

I guess only time will tell.