Ex-Wife Wanted In Stabbing Murder Of Man’s Shih Tzu

Ex wife wanted in stabbing of shih tzuCENTURY 21 The Hills Realty/Joe Bailey/Texas Breaking News

A woman is wanted by police for allegedly stabbing her ex-husband’s Shih Tzu to death.

Texas resident Joe Bailey returned home from the gym on March 26 to find his dog BG missing, and blood spattered in various locations around his house, including the sofa and the dog bed.

He told Texas Breaking News his bedroom and bathroom had been ransacked, and he was worried the blood belonged to the little Shih Tzu.

stabbing of shih tzuJoe Bailey/Texas Breaking News

Joe explained:

I noticed that my dog wasn’t here. I got to looking around the house; found blood on the couch, blood on his bed… Immediately my first concern was ‘where’s my dog’.

There was a bloody paw print on the floor… the blood in his bed, if he gets scared he’ll run to his bed and sit there.

Woman breaks into house in Bandera, TX and kills family pet, buries him in the woods next door.

March 26th was just an ordinary day for Joe Bailey, until he came home to find blood all over his house and his best friend "BG" missing. #Justice4BGDetails and updates: http://bit.ly/2Vkpjys

Posted by Texas Breaking News on Thursday, 28 March 2019

He called the sheriff’s department, who came to investigate.

Joe described how he searched all night for BG, walking miles in an attempt to find the dog, but with no avail.

A friend came to help and brought a drone to fly over the surrounding fields, and suggested other areas they could check.

The Texan eventually found his beloved Shih Tzu, which he described as his ‘best friend for nine years’, dead and wrapped up in a bag, along with a knife, bloody towels and some of Joe’s personal items, including a Samsung tablet.

Ex-wife stabbed shih tzuCENTURY 21 The Hills Realty

A pair of expensive woman’s sandals were found near Highway 173, which, according to Joe, shared a likeness to the style his ex-wife, Heidi Nichole Carpenter, usually wore.

Two neighbours also reportedly positively identified Carpenter walking around near the man’s home on March 26.

After doing an autopsy on BG, Texas Breaking News report local veterinarian Dr. Conrad K. Nightingale wrote:

In all my years of veterinary service I have not experienced such brutality and animal abuse of this fashion.

The Bandera County Sheriff’s Office reportedly later told Bailey, on the same day his dog was killed, they had briefly questioned his ex-wife after finding her crossing a nearby highway barefoot. She wasn’t held by police at the time, but now the sheriff’s office wants her back.

According to the New York Post, on Monday (April 1), authorities issued a warrant for Carpenter’s arrest in connection to the stabbing. Officials said she faces potential charges of cruelty to livestock and burglary.

It’s horrific to think anyone could be heartless enough to stab an innocent little dog to death.

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