Exact Moment Of Paris Shooting Captured In Dramatic Video


WARNING: Graphic video content.

Anonymous via Storyful/Twitter

The moment a shooter opened fire in the centre of Paris has been captured and posted to Facebook in the aftermath of the horrific attack.

Bursts of gunfire and screams can be heard in the footage, which was filmed as Karim Cheufri unloaded his weapon, killing policeman Xavier Jugelé and injuring two more.

You can watch the harrowing clip below, via Storyful:

The anonymous person holding the camera flees up the street before turning his camera back towards the scene, where police officers are seen with raised weapons. He then seeks shelter in a clothing store, along with other people.

Jugelé (pictured below) was stationed to the Bataclan area of Paris in November 2015 after the IS attack on a concert hall.

Attending the reopening of the venue a year later, he told People

I’m happy to be here… We’re here tonight as witnesses. Here to defend our civic values. This concert’s to celebrate life. To say no to terrorists.


The latest attack occurred on Parisian landmark Champs Elysees. Witnesses saw Cheufri terrorise the streets with a Kalashnikov assault rifle before he was shot dead by police.

Prosecutor of the Republic of Paris, François Molins told the BBC Cheufri had four criminal convictions and had expressed a desire to kill police officers, but had no apparent link to Islamist radicalism.

However, as is par for the course in the aftermath of a terror attack, Islamic State have since claimed responsibility.

Sky News

Meanwhile, as France prepares for the first round of their general election tomorrow, security in the capital has been ramped up with more than 50,000 troops and police mobilised after the attack, reports Sky.

Our thoughts are with Jugelé’s family as the investigation into his murder continues in earnest.