Exhausted Mum Gives Birth To Baby Twice The Average Size


Giving birth is painful enough – so I’m told – to an average-sized baby but I can’t even begin to imagine what a six-hour labour delivering a 12lb baby would be like.

Cue Paula Brown, who went through the ordeal when she was gave birth to her son Theo.

The newborn weighed in at 12lbs, which is almost double the average weight of a baby in the UK, and he was so big, Paula and her husband Gareth had to ditch the clothes they’d bought him and go out and buy aged three-to-six-month-old clothes instead.


Gareth revealed birthing staff told him and Paula, Theo was the biggest baby they’d seen for around five years.

He said:

They said it was the biggest baby out of the last 4,500. Everybody is doing fine now, Theo is home and well.

He’s absolutely brilliant.

Our youngest daughter Rose, especially, who’s five, just absolutely loves him.

The family said they’d been guessing what weight the baby would come in at, with two previous children weighing in at 9lb 3oz and 9lb 8oz respectively.

Theo’s 14-year-old step-sister Milly Mayor, who cut the cord for the birth, weighed a fraction of her brother’s size at a mere 6lb 11oz.


Gareth said the family had been guessing the weight of the baby but nobody was expecting Theo to be so big:

The midwife cancelled her dentist appointment to make sure she was there for the birth, they hadn’t seen anything like it.

All of the staff at the birthing centre were absolutely fantastic with us, we can’t thank them enough.

Everyone at the Burnley hospital were great as well. It was strange, most of the babies there were tiny and Theo was huge.


While the weight of an average baby in the UK is just over 7lbs, Theo does not take the title of Britain’s biggest baby delivered naturally.

It’s thought to belong to baby George from Gloucester, born in February 2013, who reportedly weighed an impressive 15lb 7oz!