Exit Poll Shows Show We’re Set For A Hung Parliament


The exit poll, which is seen as the most reliable indication of who will win this year’s General Election, have shown that the Conservative Party are likely to win the election, but it’s going to be tighter than most thought. 

Around 20,000 voters were asked which party they voted for as they left polling stations, and it looks like we’re heading for a hung Parliament.

The exit poll results are released after voting closes and are rarely wrong, but Theresa May will be shocked, as she was expecting a majority.


In the last General Election in 2015, the exit poll was correct in predicting that David Cameron’s Conservative Party would run away with the majority.

However, they were wrong in 1992, when polls showed we were set for a hung Parliament. It was John Major’s Conservatives who won a majority that year.

Also, the polls don’t take postal or proxy votes into account, which means certain demographics could be missed out on.

Now all that’s left to do is wait and see whether 2017 is one of the rare years the exit poll is wrong.