Expert Claims MH370 And MH17 Disasters Were ‘Masterminded’ By Putin


An aviation expert has claimed the disappearance of two Malaysian Airlines flights was masterminded by Vladimir Putin.

Science and technology expert Jeff Wise said a new report into the shooting down of MH17 over Ukraine in July 2014 could provide clues linking Russia to the earlier disappearance of flight MH370.

According to the Daily Mail, Wise made the incredible claim after the release of a report by the UK-based investigative group, Bellingcat.

Their investigation into MH17 points to a Russian brigade it believes ‘provided and possibly operated’ a missile launcher that brought the aircraft down, killing all 283 passengers and 15 crew on board.

The report also suggests the unit would only have taken the action with approval from the highest ranks of the Russian military:

Responsibility for the downing of MH17 from a weapon provided and possibly operated by the Russian military lies with the Ministry of Defence and the Supreme Commander of the Russian Armed Forces, President Vladimir Putin.

Wise has also suggested MH370 – which went missing while flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing – was hijacked on the orders of Vladimir Putin and secretly landed in Kazakhstan.


He based his ‘theory’ on pings that the plane gave off seven hours after it went missing, that were recorded by telecommunications company Inmarsat, reports the Daily Mail.

Wise said hijackers ‘spoofed’ the plane’s navigation data to make it seem like it went in another direction, but flew it to the Baikonur Cosmodrome, which is leased from Kazakhstan by Russia.


The new Bellingcat MH17 findings, he appears to suggest, add weight to his theory that Vladimir Putin may have been behind both disasters:

We know from the analysis of MH370s satcom system that if a spoof hijacking was perpetrated on MH370 then whoever carried it out possessed an extremely high level of technical sophistication.

So high, in fact, that the attack must not only have been state sponsored, but sponsored by a state with cutting-edge technology in aircraft systems and satellite communications.

Not sure he’ll have much luck proving his theory.