Expert Reveals Possible Reason For Johnny Depp’s Gaunt Appearance

Johnny Depp spotted looking gaunt and pale.@kurtakatrin/Instagram

Johnny Depp fans grew worried after spotting photographs of the legendary actor looking gaunt and pale.


The pictures showed the Pirates of the Caribbean star looking almost unrecognisable as he posed with fans in St. Petersburg, Russia, while touring with his band The Hollywood Vampires.

The 54-year-old actor looked uncharacteristically thin and exhausted, with a tired complexion. A far cry from the sun-kissed heartthrob who wooed whimsical French ladies in Chocolat.

Johnny Depp spotted looking gaunt and pale.@nadezdashestakova/Instagram

Some fans were even worried about the health of their usually photogenic hero, panicking over whether or not he was ill.

One person gasped:

I know Johnny Depp is probably getting ready to play Grindelwald again and may be losing weight for a role, but he looks genuinely ill, quite worrying.

I know he’s lost a lot of fans past year or so, so I’m expecting backlash, but *shrugs* concerned anyway.

Another gulped:

Woah! Is Johnny Depp deathly ill or preparing for a ridiculous movie role?

Hot Johnny is something ’90s kids remember – this is not the Edward Scissorhands I had Such a crush on.

However, other fans were enraged by this very personal speculation, noting how the unflattering lighting and stress of travelling while middle-aged are much more likely culprits than illness.


One person fumed:

To everybody bleating about how ‘ill’ Johnny Depp looks – please post photos of yourselves taken in an airport corridor outside a toilet under fluorescent lighting and let’s see how good YOU look, especially if you are days away from turning 55…FFS

Another raged:

People, I don’t get it! Isn’t it normal to look tired on airports after spending many evenings with playing concerts, meeting many fans and flying forth and back for days?

He isn’t 30 anymore! He has the damn right being tired and look like this after a long flight!

Celeb make-up artist and Pouts & Pinups owner Stacey Whittaker has now offered her thoughts to the MailOnline about the reason why this onscreen captain looks less than ship-shape.


Whittaker has argued how by ditching his usual heavy eyeliner, Depp is giving off a much different vibe:

Usually Johnny Depp has a cool grunge style, however here he is not sporting his signature smudged guy-liner, which makes his eyes appear smaller.

The make-up guru added:

Dark eyes can look harsh as we get older, but Depp’s normal sultry looking eye would never overpower his face and would actually give him more definition and colour.

Without his attention-grabbing guy-liner it makes his eyes seem tired and dull, and his skin extremely pale, whereas liner would brighten and bring out the whites of the eye.

Check out Depp appearing The Graham Norton Show back in 2017, when similar rumours about his wellbeing were floating around:

Back in 2016, Depp’s ex-wife Amber Heard was granted a restraining order against Depp after making the following statement in her court declaration:

During the entirety of [their] relationship, Johnny has been verbally and physically abusive to [her].

Heard claimed the last violent incident took place just two days prior to her filing for divorce. She provided the court with two witness accounts as well as photographs of her own face as evidence.

Depp has denied the claims and his lawyers have claimed Heard was attempting ‘to secure a premature financial resolution by alleging abuse.’

A settlement was eventually reached on August 16, 2017. Heard received $7 million and dismissed the restraining order held against Depp.

If you’ve been affected by any of these issues, and want to speak to someone in confidence contact the 24-hour National Domestic Violence Helpline on 0808 2000 247. Do not suffer in silence.

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