Expert Reveals Simple Four-Point Plan To Finally Defeat Islamist Extremism


World-leading expert on Islamic terrorism Maajid Nawaz understands Islamism from the inside and out having been a former member of the Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir.

After a complete turnaround in ideology, the Southend-on-Sea man is a British activist, politician, and founding chairman of counter-extremism think tank Quilliam.

With so much experience, there is no one better to advise on how to beat the monster that is Islamist Terrorist than the 39-year-old.

Maajid Nawaz is one of the world's leading experts is Islamic terrorism. He gives Theresa May a four-point plan that would work to defeat the extremists.

Posted by LBC on Sunday, 4 June 2017

Maajid laid out a logical and concise four-point-plan to defeat Islamist terrorist.

The first step was about the importance of naming and shaming Islamist extremists by using the correct language, being sure not to confuse ‘Islamic’ with ‘Islamist’.

Nawaz explained:

Without being able to do so, we will be unable to isolate extremists from mainstream Muslim communities.

We will also be depriving reforming liberal Muslims of a lexicon that they require ti isolate themselves from these extremists.

Islamic is a value judgement, it means something is endorsed by Islam.

Islamism is a political ideology that seeks to impose any version of Islam over society. Islamism in other words, is theocracy, and it’s violent manifestation is Jihadism.

Secondly, Nawaz emphasised the importance of protecting the government’s counter extremism strategy known as Prevent.

He hinted that those politicians who are not interested in keeping the Prevent strategy do not understand ‘extremism’, ‘national security’, or the ‘ideological threat of Islamist extremist.

The third valuable idea that would pull together the counter-terrorism efforts from all government departments, is to have a centralised counter-extremism coordinater ‘with teeth’ who is accountable and answerable to the Prime Minister only.

This centralised coordinator would implement the Prevent program more effectively.

Nawaz’s final and vital point was put very eloquently:

If the terrorists are attacking us because they hate our freedom, our human rights, our democracy, our secularism, our pluralism, and our tolerance, then why would you do their job for them by undermining those very values in your response or reaction to these attacks.

We must jealously guard and preserve our way of life, what we stand for, our values that we cherish, because that is the best way to fight these terrorist.

Democracy and secularism is our best revenge. These are the ways that we fight back, because that’s the very thing they want to undermine.

If we divide our nations, we are handing terrorist exactly what they want – a society crippled and fragmented by fear.

We have to work together and be intelligent about the situation if we want to defeat it, not just reactive.

We stand together. Choose love.