Experts Reveal Identity Of Bizarre ‘Alien Fish’ That Baffled The Internet

fish1Facebook/Pisces Sportfishing Fleet

Earlier this week, a fish that looked like an alien was caught and it really freaked people out.

Fishermen caught the bizarre-looking critter off the coast of Cabo, Mexico, and had no idea what it was. In fact, no one knew what it was – not even the experts.

But the creature, which has been described as everything from a Pokemon to a chicken breast to a turtle without a shell, has now been identified – and Pisces Sportfishing Fleet say its an albino swell shark.


The photos originated from Jaime Rendon, Captain of Dr Pescado, whose client caught the creature about one mile off the shore in 370ft-deep water.

And although the creature has the skin and three rows of teeth like other sharks would, some of its other features have cast doubt over the identity of the specimen.

The fishing company says the fish was difficult to identify as it has three gills on either side of its head instead of the five to seven other sharks usually have. It’s oddly pigmented skin and alien eyes also caused confusion.

Alien fish update: Today we met with Jaime Rendon, Captain of Dr. Pescado who told us more about his unusual catch. He…

Posted by Pisces Sportfishing Fleet on Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Rendon said: “I was really surprised, but what caused most impact were the eyes, so strange.”

So if its not a swell shark – what is it?

Well, most people thought it was an alien. But after experts chimed in, they confirmed the bloated fish is, in fact, a swell shark.

Alien Fish Mystery Solved – after studying the photos the experts agree that the strange fish is an albino swell shark -…

Posted by Pisces Sportfishing Fleet on Thursday, March 31, 2016

Sharing the photo on their Facebook page on Tuesday, Pisces Sportfishing Fleet wrote: “Alien fish mystery solved – After studying the photos, the experts agree that the strange fish is an albino swell shark – still alive and well!”

Well, at least we now know it can’t take over the world.