Experts Shocked By Discovery In Cave Opened For First Time In 1400 Years

University of Dundee

Deep in the Scottish Highlands there is a cave that until recently was totally unexplored. 

When archaeologists from the University of Dundee finally discovered the cave they were simply blown away by what they found inside – a human skeleton.

After a quick inspection the archaeologists were able to conclude that the body inside belonged to a male, who died between 430 and 630 AD and that he was ‘brutally murdered’, according to the BBC.

Although they don’t know why the man was killed, they believe he suffered five blows to his head which fractured his skull, thus killing him.

University of Dundee

Interestingly, the man was placed in a mysterious cross-legged position with stones holding up his legs and arms.

Excavation leader Steven Birch expanded on the matter, saying:

Having specialised in prehistoric cave archaeology in Scotland for some years now, I am fascinated with the results. Here, we have a man who has been brutally killed, but who has been laid to rest in the cave with some consideration – placed on his back, within a dark alcove, and weighed down by beach stones.

While we don’t know why the man was killed, the placement of his remains gives us insight into the culture of those who buried him.

Perhaps his murder was the result of interpersonal conflict; or was there a sacrificial element relating to his death?

Amazingly, in the aftermath of the discovery scientists were able to create a reconstruction of the unknown man’s face. Quite the looker.

University of Dundee

Professor Black, from the university, said:

This is a fascinating skeleton in a remarkable state of preservation which has been expertly recovered.

From studying his remains we learned a little about his short life but much more about his violent death.

As you can see from the facial reconstruction he was a striking young man, but he met a very brutal end, suffering a minimum of five severe injuries to his head.