Explorer Fears For His Life After Terrifying Discovery In Abandoned Apartment

by : Tom Percival on : 15 Apr 2017 18:37

A brave urban explorer found himself trapped in a terrifying situation while exploring an old, abandoned apartment block.


In a video of the incident Dan Bell can be seen climbing a dilapidated flight of stairs in the building when he finds a strange green bag at the top.

Rifling through the bag, which is full of tinned food, Dan discovers a clear plastic box.


Against all better judgement Dan opens the box up and finds several bags all filled with a mysterious white powder.


Realising what he appears to have blundered into Dan says: ‘I’m in trouble’ and he turns to leave.

As he does, however, he hears the sound of footsteps and hides himself in a bathroom. Two voices can then be heard discussing what seems to be a drug deal.

The white powderThe white powderYouTube - This is Dan Bell

Hiding in the dark room Dan desperately whispers: “Please leave, please, please, please leave, Oh my god, please leave.”

Eventually the voices stopped and Dan managed to escape the house the same way he entered.

Fortunate guy – if Breaking Bad has taught us anything it’s that people who get in the way of drug dealers don’t normally get to share their tale.

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