Explorer Makes Horrifying Discovery Down 300-Year-Old Well


There aren’t many frontiers left in the world.

Explorers have ventured the seas to find new land, scaled the world’s tallest mountains and trekked through unfamiliar and hostile terrains in search of new discoveries. You can even visit the world’s most remote islands from your web browser.

But for all of human history Earth’s explorers have been – quite literally – just scratching the surface.

The only place left to go? Down.


Having explored above sea level, almost everything we may ever find on Earth may now only be below us – and Beau Ouimette knows it.

Ouimette, perhaps better known by his YouTube alias Aquachigger, recently decided to plunge down to a place little men have ever ventured before.

Colombus, Marco Polo, Neil Armstrong, eat your hearts out. He went down a fucking well. A 300-year-old well.

Though he may not have discovered a new continent, explored a foreign land or taken man’s first steps on the moon, he did find something rather terrifying in the form of snakes. Lots of snakes.

Anti-climax? Sure, but they still look pretty damn horrifying.

Lowering himself down a shaky ladder, Ouimette finds snakes in the crevices of the rock, on the wall, curled up in corners and stretched out ready to attack.


“Alright, I think I’ve had enough of this place,” he concludes. “Yeah we’re idiots aren’t we. It’s like Indiana Jones with all these snake pits.”

Since posting the video to YouTube, Ouimette’s gained more than 59,000 views.